yet [ jet ] function word ***
Yet can be used in the following ways:
as an adverb:
I haven't seen him yet.
Have you had your lunch yet?
His latest crime was the worst yet.
I have yet to spend summer in the mountains.
as a conjunction (connecting two words, phrases, or clauses):
The weather was cold, yet bright and sunny.
Her advice seems strange, yet I believe she's right.
1. ) not before a particular time always in negatives or questions used for talking or asking about something that has not happened or is not true at a particular time but will probably happen or be true in the future:
I'm amazed that you haven't told him anything yet.
She hasn't yet decided if she wants to come or not.
Our divorce had not been settled yet.
Are you a member of the club yet?
not yet: Are you feeling hungry? Not yet.
2. ) not now, but later always in negatives or questions used for saying that something cannot or should not be done now, but will be done at a time in the future:
I can't leave the hospital yet the doctor says maybe tomorrow.
Don't get too excited just yet. None of these plans are definite.
I'm going back to New York, but not yet.
3. ) possibly now or in the future used for saying that something could be true or could still happen in the future:
This victory could yet put the team into the finals.
Lawrence's body was never found, and he may yet be alive.
4. ) used for saying that someone/something is the most extreme ever used for saying that someone or something is the best, worst, biggest, etc. of their kind up to now:
In terms of profits, the company is preparing to face its worst year yet.
This will be the president's most important speech yet.
5. ) used for stating the length of time before something happens used after words referring to a period of time for saying how much time will pass before something happens or finishes:
The election won't take place for three weeks yet.
Ron and Charlene will be in Florida for another six days yet.
6. ) despite something used for introducing a word or idea that is surprising after what has just been mentioned:
They had plenty of time, yet she felt there was almost none.
The novel is 800 pages long, yet it reads more quickly than many shorter books.
He looks cheerful yet somehow sad at the same time.
7. ) used for emphasizing a greater number, amount, or degree used for emphasizing that someone or something is even bigger, better, worse, more, etc. than someone or something else:
Try not to overcook the beans, or better yet eat them raw.
The house is more expensive yet than any of the others we've looked at.
yet another: We woke to yet another gray rainy day.
as (of) yet always in negatives FORMAL
used for talking about something that has not happened or been done up to now:
A deal is still being worked out, but as yet nothing is finalized.
Police stated that there have been no arrests made as yet.
The report remains unfinished as of yet.
have yet to do something
used for saying that something has not happened or been done up to the present time, especially when you think it should have happened or been done:
The Governor has yet to make a formal announcement.
The film, starring Robert Carlyle, has yet to open in the Far East.
The group has yet to find a replacement for the director who left in September.
yet again
one more time after there have been many other times:
Seth knew that he had failed yet again.
This just proves yet again that you have to be careful who you do business with.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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